Groom the Next Generation for Success

djcgroomingBest selling author, internationally recognized business trainer, success coach, and mother of 5, grandmother of 4 (another on the way), Dani Johnson has put together a complete and comprehensive program to help you groom your children for success, providing the blueprint for raising super star kids, even in the toughest times

“I was so moved by what Dani shared and more importantly, I was able to use what I heard immediately with my 12 year old!”
~ Tina Hatch

“I am a 68 year old grandmother of nine ages 6 to 18. I wish I could have this information as I raised our two daughters and I wish they could have had it before they started their families. Hopefully I can make good use of what I learned by helping our family. God Bless You for what you are attempting to do in educating people on the need to groom our young people.”
~ Marie Hakala

“I could not share with you in a few sentences all that happened to me. I don’t look the same, talk the same, think the same, act the same, feel the same, my marriage is not the same, my relationships with my children are not the same. It took me three hours to tell my mom all of the tests I went through, the lessons I learned, the revelations I had and the many affirmations of those revelations that did and continue to keep doubt and fear away.”
~ Laurice Origel

“I loved that Dani gave real examples that I can use. I realized that if I’m not grooming my children someone else is.”
~Vicki Brown


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