Rate My Professor (What Students Say)


I am blessed to be able to teach on the college-level and to impact the lives of my students on a regular basis. To see comments by my students you can click here.

Like most everyone, this class is a requirement, so naturally we dread it! [Niebling] was great! The environment was very relaxed. Students are free to say what they feel and participate in all discussions. It helps us all feel relaxed so that once we do our speeches, they are a breeze! Great instructor all around! 12/12/13

Looking forward to taking another class with him. 12/12/13

Taking this course in the summer semester can be very time consuming. However, Mr. Niebling is a very fair man, teaching in a very relaxed environment, making it easy to overcome any fear of public speaking. I enjoyed the class time, and found Mr. Niebling to be understanding if you just communicate with him.” 8/15/13

“He was awesome! Never thought a speech class would be so enjoyable. Many funny moments & he has a sense of humor which made it that much better! He’s ready to help you anytime, and he really cares. The work isn’t really that hard, but it can get time consuming. If you are ready for the best speech class you’re ever going to have, take this class!” 8/15/13

“This man has found his calling! He’s passionate about his job, he loves his students and believes in them. If you struggle to make it through school, he’s the instructor you want to have. He will lift your spirits and walk you through this class, especially if you have a fear of public speaking. One of TCC’s finest!” 4/18/13

“I was so scared to talk in front of an entire class. Mr Niebling was very comprehensive. It turned out to be fun very fun! Learned a lot about speeches and actually enjoyed the speeches.” 1/8/13

“AMAZING professor. He teaches far more than the course description. By far my favorite class at TCC.” 1/7/13

“Great teacher took him for Intro to Speech. He was awesome and although missed several class days I received an A. He helps get over your anxiety of speech and I would take his course 20 times over again he is fun, engaging, and loves his job” 1/3/13


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